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Edinburgh Airport Parking: Instant Bookings

Enter your dates and arrival times for an instant list of parking options for
Edinburgh Airport. Get your best parking deal now!

Edinburgh Airport Parking - including Hotels with Parking Options

If you're flying from Edinburgh Airport then remember... your holiday can begin early with one of our selected Edinburgh Airport hotels. Be refreshed at the start of your trip by booking an airport hotel, where you can rest up, enjoy a good breakfast and get ready for a more relaxed start to your holiday.

Our Edinburgh Airport hotels have something to suit everyone - individuals, couples and families. Simply decide what style suits you best, and book!

Edinburgh Airport Parking-Only

Whether you you are planning in advance, or need last minute help to get that space secured, you have come to the right place. Simply select the "Airport Parking" option here, and get your Edinburgh Airport parking at a discount and with a Price Guarantee

You can also book by phone 0871 360 2959 (Quote BN391) - 8am to 9pm, Weekdays or 9am to 5pm Weekends.