Why Prebook?

By pre-booking your parking via this site, you will make big savings compared to just turning up at the airport.

Most on-airport car parks will charge you more money if you just turn up and park. You could save on average over 35% by booking in advance on a simple-to-use online booking facility - or just by calling 0870 195 9633 (Quote BN391).

Apart from the huge savings, you can have peace of mind that space is available for you.

You will also have friendly assistance on hand at most car parks the start and end of your trip, and that you have no need to worry about queuing to pay at any of them.


Airport Parking - The Hotel Alternative

For those travellers in the UK who drive to the airport and face the increasing aggravation of traffic hold-ups (especially in peaks season, and especially around those busiest airports), the stress of starting a holiday can be debilitating.

Hence, in recent years, the popularity of using a more civilised option - booking a hotel near the airport the night before - has become evident.

These days, a large number of major chains, as well as quality independent hotels and country clubs, are offering "stay and parking" packages. Often, for little more than the cost of (say) 15 days at an airport car park, it is possible to have a good night's sleep at a hotel near the airport, enjoy a good breakfast, leave the car with the hotel and take a specially-arranged transfer to and from the airport. Or of course, such hotel deals operate as an alternative to parking at all.

In the UK across the whole country, and for every major airport, various packages are available offering a more civilised start to any holiday. These include such ideas as having the car delivered back to you after your holiday for a quick getaway after your travels. Seasoned travellers are finding that, which the cost of the actual flight becoming reduced by the proliferation of no-frills airline deals, there is extra to spend on making sure that the start and end of any holiday can be stress-free, ensuring the overall value of the time off is maximised by avoiding the increasing pressure on all travellers these days.

Some companies are also offering even better value via internet deals - by offering "mystery" hotel packages whereby the company itself nominates a 3- of 4-star hotel according to availability. This enables hotels to offer rock-bottom rates for space which otherwise would not sell, and the customer enjoys an even better bargain as well as reducing travel hassle.

Example hotels for hotels-with-parking deals at Gatwick Airport - one of the busiest airports in the UK are the 3-star Russ Hill hotel, and the 4-star Hilton and Mercure hotels. There are many hotels also offering very low prices but a good standard including the 2-star Ibis Hotel which is about 15 minutes by transfer bus from the main Gatwick terminals.

The 4 terminals at Heathrow have become increasingly busy over the years, and with the 5th terminal having opened early in 2008, it really pays to be aware of the huge volume of traffic and extended crowds. The idea of relaxing in quiet surroundings after a long drive to the airport is very inviting indeed. With a Heathrow Airport hotel stay, you can do exactly that, and in the morning take transfer bus to the airport in the morning - or of course you can have the convenience of a Hotel very near the airport where transfer times are minimal.

Meanwhile in the north of the country with three terminals operating 24 hours a day, Manchester has the busiest airport. Here again, whether you are looking for an off-airport stopover at less cost, or a more convenient on-site hotel, there are many choices. These include the newly-refurbished Manchester Cresta Court in a great location for Manchester Airport, or the Manchester Hilton hotel with all the facilities and high quality you expect from the Hilton anywhere. Or finally, for something extra special, the Radisson SAS is a 5-star hotel with a moving walkway to the terminal - thus no need for an airport transfer at all.